Welcome to the Franciscan Saints page!

What I want to do here is to supply something more than the type of bare summaries of the saints’ lives, often copied and re-copied from website to website, that we see so often. I want to do some real scholarship on the life of the saint, or on some aspect of his or her life, as well as spiritual meditation on its significance, if possible.

I will try to post a new saint monthly. In time, I hope to complete a full Franciscan Saints Calendar. You can sign up to receive the monthly posts via e-mail here.



15 Bl. Giacomo Villa, Franciscan Tertiary


8 Servant of God Jacopa dei Settesoli [Part I] [Part II] [Part III]


8 St. Amato Ronconi, Franciscan Tertiary
12 St. Leopold Mandic, 1st Order (Capuchin)
20 St. Bernardino of Siena, OFM


1 St. Junipero Serra, 1st Order (O.F.M.)
12 Bl. Zelie Martin, Third Order Secular


4 St. Rose of Viterbo, Franciscan Tertiary


4 St. Francis of Assisi
11 Pope St. John XXIII Third Order Secular


4 Bl. Pietro of Siena, Franciscan Tertiary
24 Christmas Eve (St. Francis presents Nativity scene in Greccio)